Tom Trago will release a new album on Rush Hour.

Deco is Trago’s sixth album and his first for the Amsterdam label in a decade. He recorded it following an extended absence from dancefloors, as he cut back on DJing commitments to spend more time with his young family. When he returned to the studio, Trago struggled to get back into the groove, because “the desire to make dancefloor-focused music had temporarily deserted him,” we’re told.

Returning to the first synthesiser he ever bought as a young DJ-producer, Trago set about “navigating different musical routes without the confines of the club,” we’re told.

The album’s name comes from Deco Sauna, where Trago would go to decompress when he was living in Amsterdam. It features Tracey and Maxi Mill, both of whom are part of his Voyage Direct label roster, but for the most part the production process was a solo endeavour of “musical therapy” for Trago, who wanted “to do things differently after years making club cuts and sweat-soaked peak-time workouts.”

In 2018, Trago released Bergen on Dekmantel.


01. A Dark Oak feat. Tracey
02. Central Park feat. Maxi Mill
03. Never Peace A Puzzle feat. Maxi Mill
04. To Be Left Unlocked
05. When The Sky Is Watching Us
06. It Might Be Forever
07. Blue Dope (digital bonus track)

Deco LP is scheduled for April 28 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “When The Sky Is Watching Us” in full below and pre-order here.