Tommy Four Seven will release his second album, Veer, on April 5 via his label, 47.

The 10-track album is the UK artist’s first full-length solo record since 2011’s Primate on CLR. Since then, as one half of the electronic duo These Hidden Hands, he has released two albums:These Hidden Hands in 2013, and Vicarious Memories in 2016. 

We’re told that this album sees him further refine his disruptive take on techno, pulling the listener deep into its fractured rhythms, textures, and cinematic electronics. It gives a nod to sci-fi nostalgia, conjuring memories of flickering 35mm film, desolate poly-synths, and existential threats. 

It will be 47’s 20th release and first long-player.

Tommy will embark on his album tour from March 2019 with tour dates  here. 


A1 / 01. Dead Ocean 

A2 / 02. Radius

A3 / 03. 2084

B1 / 04. The Virus 

B2 / 05. Neuromorph 

C1 / 06. Feed

C2 / 07. Aphelion 

C3 / 08. X Threat 

D1 / 09. Protocol 9 

D2 / 10. Colony

Veer LP lands April 5 via 47, with ” 2084″ streaming below.