Tommy Four Seven has revealed details of the next two releases on his imprint, 47.

First up is 47008, an EP that the label contends may be “one of the most diverse sounding releases yet.” Contributing this time are Ancient Methods, OAKE, VSK and label head Tommy Four Seven. The release marks the end of an era, as 47008 leaves the joint release system behind.

The first of the new style EPs will drop in March—47009, a solo effort from Headless Horseman. The mystery producer already appeared on the imprint once before, on a joint release with Phase Fatale, Stephanie Sykes and Tommy himself.

47008 will be released February 23, followed by 47009 on March 30. Stream Tommy Four Seven’s “Dromod” in full below.


VA – 47008 
A1. Ancient Methods “Systems”
A2. OAKE “Anaximenes”
B1. VSK “Breaking Symmetry”
B2. Tommy Four Seven “Dromod”

Headless Horseman – 47009
A1. Widow’s Peak
A2. Shattered
B1. Bleeding Arrows
B2. The Day She Vanished