For those new to Tonium‘s magical music machine, Pacemaker is a hard drive-based player that allows its users to fully interact with music on the machine, in much the same fashion as a DJ would manipulate tracks during a set. The difference is that Pacemaker is a single device not much bigger than your hand, and Tonium just announced a new model of the machine, No 666 (spooky!).

Since Tonium touts this little device as a “portable DJ setup,” it follows that Pacemaker’s interface includes most of what’s found on a regular DJ setup, including auto-beat-matching, reverse playback, pitch control, crossfade, an equalizer, and several built-in audio effects. There’s also that 60GB hard drive, which should store plenty of mixes for all those impromptu house parties we all find ourselves at from time to time.

A full list of product specs can be found here. Tonium has also prepped a how-to video, which you can peep below.

Pacemaker No 666 is available from mid-April (MSRP $599).