Little Teeth
Child Bearing Man
Absolutely Kosher

Somewhere between avant-folk and punk rock sits the latest offering from this S.F.-based trio, and nothing stands out more than the raw-edged vocals on this album. Little Teeth may only be three strong, but when the thrashing and screaming starts, it sounds as if there are 20-plus individuals bouncing around near the mic. MN

Anthony Green
Photo Finish

Named after the town in which it was recorded, Avalon is the debut solo album from former Saosin member Anthony Green, who’s worked on some of these songs for nearly 10 years. Green’s known for an unusually high vocal register, and he uses it in full here–there are times when you feel you’re listening to an irate teenager, rather than a seasoned songwriter. MN

Sly & Robbie and Amp Fiddler
Inspiration Information

What’s better than a new release from Amp Fiddler? A new release that sees the soulful crooner paired up with rhythm kings Sky & Robbie. The two parties collaborated on this release, which marks the first in a new series from Strut. Nothing but laidback beats and sweet vocals here. MN

Eliot Lipp
Way Pavers Vol 1.
Old Tacoma

Eliot Lipp launched his Old Tacoma imprint not so long ago, and this inaugural compilation features six up-and-coming producers whose tracks run the gamut of R&B, hip-hop, house, and disco. Lipp contributes to the mix as well, showing off not his trademark leftfield-style beatmaking, but some abstract compositions complemented by soft, melodic acoustics. MN

Sebastien Grainger
Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains
Saddle Creek

Just out this week is the first solo full-length from ex-DFA 1979 man Sebastien Grainger. Over the course of 12 tracks, this dance-punker-turned-songwriter proves he can pen a lyrically and emotionally riveting collage while still rocking out. MN

Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles
Last Gang

Crazy Toronto natives Crystal Castles put on a wallop of a show to match their dynamic repertoire of sounds, which are demonstrated nicely on their self-titled debut album. This release is electro-quirk space-pop with often-unintelligible lyrics and Alice Glass’ well-timed screaming. LM

Holy Mountain

Zomes, the namesake debut album of Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborn’s solo project, features simple compositions that include lots of complicated, fuzzy guitar chords. These lo-fi psychedelic melodies grow intermittently muffled, as though they’re coming from the next room over. LM

The Jesus & Mary Chain
The Power of Negative Thinking: B-sides and Rarities

What would Jesus & Mary Chain do? Exactly what anyone with six albums to their name and a huge fan base that includes Scarlett Johansson would: release an 82-track anthology of favorites, b-sides, and rarities. Those familiar with this Scottish cult band’s earlier work (or who dig the ending sequence of Lost in Translation, for that matter) would be wise to give this collection a listen. LM

Matthew Africa
Hard as Fuck Vol. 4
Beer and Rap

Given that this is the fourth installation of Oakland-based Matthew Africa’s angry rap series, it could rightly be called Hardest as Fuck. Yes sir, the CD boasts 33 tracks carefully selected in consideration of such criteria as, according to its curator, “level of viciousness” and the creative use of “‘bows, bottles and chairs.” LM

Home Video
“I Can Make You Feel It”

Can’t wait ’til the full EP, which this track is from, drops next month. This is the first we’ve heard from David Gross and Collin Ruffino since 2006, and the guys must have bought a new synthesizer since then, because this track is absolutely drenched in the instrument. The boys are melancholy as ever though, which is just the way we like ’em. MN

Text by Lulu McAllister and Maverick Newberry.

Pictured: Ammo Eisu, Andy Tisdall, and Dannie Murrie or Little Teeth.