Of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping
Release Date: October 7

Both playful and poignant, the ninth studio album from Kevin Barnes and Co. finds the band on-point as ever, turning pop music on its head and experimenting with rhythms and keyboards, synths and saxophones, and endless energy. In short, it’s catchy without resorting to musical clichés, but then, you’d expect nothing less from a band that rose out of this place. JM

dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Strange Famous
Release Date: Out Now

dan le sac raps about lost love, the ethics of suicide, and various politics within the music world here, but don’t go thinking this is an album just for the sad kids. le sac’s got a witty, tongue-in-cheek delivery that, when paired with Scroobius Pip’s dirty electro rhythms, leaves you smiling, and occasionally dancing. MN

Download Here
Release Date: Out Now

This debut album from Detroit-based musician Randolph Chabot will have your inner nerd dancing in no time. While there are a few low-key tracks, most cuts are filled with dance-worthy rhythms that foster a desire for ’80s videogame-influenced dance tunes. Standout tracks include “Light Power” and “Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore.” JF

WLIB: AM: King of the Wigflip
Release Date: September 30

Madlib’s all over the place. Let’s just accept that fact and move on. This release, the last one of BBE’s Beat Generation series, showcases his many sides, tastes, and tendencies, with a mix of beats from the likes of J-Rocc, Prince Po, Frank N Dank, Stacy Epps, and Guilty Simpson, with samples and vocal snippits interlaced throughout. But what, exactly, is a wigflip? MN

Difficult Fun
Release Date: October 3

Speaking of all over the map, this Switzerland-based duo just yanked the phrase “genre-bending” from everyone else and is harboring it greedily in their studio. Part pop and part experimental rock, with everything from African rhythms to found sounds woven through the tracks, this album doesn’t stay in one place for long, darting instead between the various styles with impressive speed and smoothness. JM

Soft Targets
Heavy Rainbow
Release Date: September 9

A distinctly gentle sound and great attention to lyrics fill the second full-length from this Tallahassee, FL-based three-piece band. It’s the sort of album that makes one relax and tap their toes while still remaining emotionally wrought. JF

Release Date: September 23

Josh Hodges’ release is a playful, someone abstract trip through a range of musical styles that utilizes drums, guitars, keyboards, turntables, drum machines, and many other instruments. MN

Release Date: Out Now

Still in heavy rotation on our speakers is this past summer’s full-length from Swedish duo Pacific. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go and enjoy the electro-pop beats that transport you to a beautiful sunny beach where dancing is not only welcome but mandatory. JF

Broken Social Scene
You Forgot it in People
Release Date: Out Now

I found my copy of this disc while cleaning out the closet for a move, threw it into the computer and it sounds as good as it did when the album was released in 2002. This band’s brand of indie-rock simply does not go out of style, particularly on this album. JM

From the Readers
Modeselektor’s Jetlag Mix

This one has been caned over the last several days. The boys prepped this mix–which features Kode9, Mr. Oizo, British Murderboys, and more–exclusively for the XLR8R Podcast, and readers are going nuts for it. Photo By Birgit Kaulfuss. JM

Text by Jennifer Marston, Maverick Newberry, and Jason Furie. Photo of Of Montreal by Renee Solis.