Naked Acid
Recently, I was able to get my hands on Valet’s most realized vision yet, Naked Acid. Honey Owens takes her audience on a stoney, mind-expanding venture through a realm of intoxicating vocal chants, lots of feedback, and some killer electronic drum programming for this stand-out Kranky release. Put on your headphones and take the plunge.

The Teenagers
“Homecoming (Gentlemen Drivers’ Rave Mix)”
First of all, The Teenagers’ original version of “Homecoming” contains the stuff that indie-pop dreams are made of. But when Paris’ Gentlemen Drivers get their hands on it, the track becomes a blast of acid-tinged, vintage rave power. While the Kitsuné sound has become a bit on the predictable side, this track may make even the biggest hater come to his/her senses. This is too big for your blog.

Pop Ambient 2008
I always get psyched when Kompakt’s Pop Ambient compilations arrive at the office, and the 2008 edition is no exception. With ethereal triumphs from The Field, Thomas Fehlmann, and DJ Koze, to name a few, this collection puts most atmospheric comps and albums to shame. After hearing Klimek’s “The Ice Storm,” I am convinced that anyone normally opposed to five minutes of beat-free music will most certainly sing another tune (Unless they’re weird).

Lil Wayne & Jadakiss
Mike Empire Presents The Drought Is Over 3 (Who Is the Predator)
Any mixtape that comes equipped with nearly 30 Lil Wayne and Jadakiss tracks is an instant winner, especially when it’s as brutal as The Drought is Over. Between Jadakiss proclaiming he will “give his Jesus piece a facelift” and Lil Wayne waxing poetic on how “the game is fucked up,” this collection has become my daily post-lunch staple. I’m not sure how rap CD sales are doing, but this should go triple platinum.

Divine Gossa EP
This EP contains the kind of deep electro-house that people need in their lives. Radioclit turns out a totally trippy original, but Switch pushes the track into club overdrive for his remix. Think profoundly bass-driven synths, lots of effect tweaks, and a devastatingly catchy melody. This will make any dancefloor go insane. Promise.

“14h54” Ekleroshock
Taken from this Paris-based mega-producer’s forthcoming 1st EP, “14h54” is the answer to the “I love Daft Punk” garbage-house all over the internet. While his compositions are definitely beaming with throbbing synths and Ed Banger-esque glitches, there’s something completely enthralling about this newcomer’s intricate, unpredictable approach to music.

Fair Weather Friends
Ninja Tune
Daedelus (pictured above) has struck the perfect balance between dubstep and Bloc Party, and I’m all for it. Fair Weather Friends will have both hardcore dubsteppers and those with an appreciation for uptempo electro or psychedelic pop ecstatic. Daedelus is officially at his best here.

Get Physical
Samim is on the way to reinventing tech-house with his latest LP. The track “Heater” is by far the only time I’ve heard the accordion kill the dancefloor. No, I’m not talking a sample or short interlude–I’m talking about three minutes of lead and solo accordion. Yes. Oh, and the rest of the record is all about hazy, bass-heavy, and straight-up mind-altering sounds that may as well move your feet for you.

Machinedrum Feat. Addiquit
Apparently this track will see the light of day on the Normrex imprint sometime in 2008, which may be a little too long of a wait. Featuring Christopher Willits-esque vocals, grimey beats, and interesting atmospheric glitches, “Conconcon” is a mark of musical maturity for a producer with “club” usually written all over him.

Big Sur Camping
When was the last time you drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, eating butter cookies, listening to a ton of Sonic Youth, and being pumped on the ocean despite only getting an hour of sleep the night before? Well, it rules. Climb through the redwoods, sleep way closer to your same sex friend then you’d like, and smoke as much grass as you can. That place is all about good times and enlightenment (just try not to yell at or punch fiddling camp nerds).