Bay Area-based producer/songwriter Chaz Bundick (a.k.a. Toro y Moi) has revealed plans to issue his debut LP as Les Sins, a handle he’s used over the years to deliver more directly dancefloor-oriented material, including two 12″s for Caribou’s Jiaolong imprint. Now, Bundick has shared the details of Les Sins’ first full-length effort, along with a full stream of the album’s lead single, “Bother.”

Said to have been worked on over two years at Bundick’s home studio—which we profiled in an In the Studio feature last year—Les Sins’ Michael LP will take shape as a “largely instrumental album… inspired by cartoon and movie soundtracks” which also “explores classic dance and pop music traditions.” Furthermore, the record is said to see “catchy, repetitive vocal hooks gel with beats and synth work influenced by house, techno, French electronic music, and ’90s hip-hop production.”

Michael is set to arrive on November 3, serving as the inaugural release of the Company imprint, a new partnership between Bundick and his longtime label home Carpark. In the meantime, the record’s lead single, “Bother,” can be streamed in full below, where the tracklist for Les Sins’ full-length debut has also been included.

1. Talk About
2. Past
3. Toy
4. Why ft. Nate Salman
5. Bother
6. Minato
7. Bellow
8. Sticky
9. Call
10. Drop
11. Do Right