One of the unwitting harbingers of the genre that shan’t be named (a.k.a. chillwave, duh), Chaz Bundick, is set to release the second full-length record under his Toro Y Moi moniker next year. On February 22, Carpark will drop Underneath the Pine, Bundick’s 11-song follow-up to 2009’s Causers of This, and a veritable redefining of his main musical outlet. Like Toro Y Moi’s preceding single, “Leave Everywhere,” Pine boasts an almost entirely organic sound palette—including live guitars, bass, drums, Rhodes, and other non-electronics—utilized in a decidedly pop-oriented format. Check out the artwork and full tracklist below.

1. Intro/Chi Chi
2. New Beat
3. Go with You
4. Divina
5. Before I’m Done
6. Got Blinded
7. How I Know
8. Light Black
9. Still Sound
10. Good Hold
11. Elise