Announcements for the Touch And Go 25 Anniversary Block Party went out some months ago, with the Chicago-based label home to Supersystem and TV On The Radio promising a lineup of 25 bands for the big showdown. The label started rolling out those names right around the time the first announcement went up, but we had yet to see a twenty-fifth band confirmed as of yesterday. In the meantime, rumors galore spread through the Internet, the most popular of those being that The Jesus Lizard was the artist in question.

So, without further ado, band #25 playing at the Block Party will be Washington D.C.’s The Monorchid. According to sources, show goers are advised to “strap on a helmet, and maybe some shoulder pads.” We’re not sure what that means, but it sounds like a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon.

In addition, the label announced they would be including several of their artists to perform in between sets, which means there really won’t be 25 bands playing to celebrate 25 years. Instead, 33 artists will help celebrate the occasion. Consider the eight extra bands as good luck for the label’s next quarter century of making music.

Friday, September 8
Girls Against Boys
The Shipping News
Ted Leo + Pharmacists

Saturday, September 9
Big Black (a couple of songs)
The Ex
Jon & Kat
PW Long
Man … Or Astroman?
Negative Approach
The New Year
Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen
Sally Timms
Scratch Acid

Sunday, September 10
The Black Heart Procession
Brick Layer Cake
Cash Audio
The Monorchid
Tara Jane ONeil
Three Mile Pilot