Chicago’s Touch and Go Records celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2006 with a three-day block party featuring 25 (okay, it was technically more than 25) bands. Now, the label is releasing a web-based mini-series that documents the event called the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Video Diary. New clips from the event will appear on the label’s site each week, in a cute mini-format that’s easy to watch and saves fans the trouble of having to purchase a bulky DVD.

First up is an introduction to the entire party and how it came to happen. The next week (January 29) Touch and Go will start releasing band-specific clips from every set played that weekend. For those who attended, the fun can be experienced again. Those of us who were stuck on one of the coasts can see for ourselves what the label and its fans got up to while celebrating 25 years of great music.

Watch The Introduction