Tralala Blip, an Australian unit of differently-abled musicians hailing from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, will release a new album on Lawrence English’s Someone Good

Tralala Blip are Mathew Daymond, Lydian Dunbar, Zac Mifsud, Randy Reimann, and Phoebe Rose. Together, they’ve carved out a unique position in the Australian electronic music community. Working to overcome a range of challenges imposed by their disabilities, they have created a range of approaches to instruments, performance, and composition that allows them to create music together.

Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls is their first full-length album in over five years. It charts out an entirely new sonic universe that is the resolution of several years of live performance and studio experiments. It’s produced by Lawrence English, and is the first work in “a new chapter” of what Tralala Blip are becoming. 

Beyond their extensive performance commitments, Tralala Blip have presented their work as special guests of TEDx, have had a stage production created about them, and have instigated many workshops for other differently-abled musicians.

Someone Good is a sub-label of Room40.


Side A: 

01. Pub Talk. 

02. Voodoo Pins. 

03. Facing Monsters. 

04. Star Of Hope.

Side B: 

05. Voltage Flowers. 

06. Nightmare Lands Welcome You To. 

07. Dear Formless. 

08. The Canyon.

Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls LP lands July 19, with “Pub Talk” streaming below.