Transient Festival has shared details of its 2016 schedule.

The third edition of Paris’ annual Transient Festival is taking place November 2-5. Whereas in previous years the event was always held in one location, the upcoming festival will be spread over three separate venues: Les Instants Chavirés, La Flèche D’Or and Cabaret Sauvage.

The main event looks set to take place at Cabaret Sauvage on Saturday November 5, featuring performances by Luke Slater, Xhin, Abdulla Rashim, and Samuel Kerridge. Over the course of the rest of the festival, there will also be performances by the likes of Plaid, Legowelt, M.E.S.H. and many more artists.

For more information on Transient Festival, head over to its site (where you can also purchase tickets). Check out the complete timetable by clicking the image below.