Traum and its numerous sub-labels are getting off to a running start this summer, with seven releases planned for May and June alone. Perhaps the most exciting among these are the latest EP from Extrawelt as well as a new Detroit-style joint from Berlin’s Mark Henning in collaboration with Japanese artist Den. Check out the full release schedule after the jump!

May and June Releases on Traum Schallplatten and Sub-Labels:

MBF LTD 12022: Riley Reinhold “Distortions” (Digital only)
Release date: May 31

Trapez 109: Leeks “Qwerty”
Release date: June 7

Traum V125: Extrawelt “Mosaik EP”
Release date: June 14

MBF LTD 12023: Jules-de-Pearl “CafĂ© la Perla”
Release date: June 14

MBF 12067: Kaiserdisco “Dulce Frutas”
Release date: June 21

Trapez Ltd 90: Mark Henning & Den “La Galaxia Llorona”
Release date: June 28

Paintwork 04: Helge Kuhl “Nothing Hill” (Digital only)
Release date: June 28