Planet Uterus, the SoundCloud page of Prince Of Denmark, DJ Metatron, and Traumprinz, has today announced two new albums from two unknown artists or new aliases: DJ Healer and Prime Minister Of Doom—believed by many to be continuations of DJ Metatron and Prince Of Denmark respectively. This is more so after Inverted Audio reported a Facebook message with the words “new Traumprinz material,” and a link to the site All Possible Worlds, where you can buy the two triple-vinyl LPs.

“sell out,” the new track appeared on the SoundCloud page on Sunday, linking to where you have two options. Typing “n” takes you to a static image of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery; typing “y” causes a small ASCII shooting star to fly across before moving you to the order page. The two available releases are DJ Healer’s Nothing 2 Loose and Prime Minister of Doom’s Mudshadow Propaganda. There are no other details available; it is not even clear which label is behind the releases, or, indeed, whether it’s part of an April Fools joke. That being said, purchases do appear to be legitimate.

The two albums are available now.