Geotic is back with a new eight-track full-length, Traversa, coming October 19 on Ghostly.

Geotic is an alias of Los Angeles artist Will Wiesenfeld, also known as Baths, and previously appeared on Ghostly with last year’s Abysma LP. 

As the title suggests, a central theme to Traversa is the idea of travel and being carried off to different places through music. We’re told that each song contains “propulsive suites of startling beauty, summoning a different geographic locale, memory, and mood.”

The album’s genesis traces back to a New York release show for Abysma last year. Seeking additional material for his set, the spines of these songs began to take shape and sparked the homebound sessions and soft motion of Traversa.

The whole inspiration of this record is borne of that feeling when travel is good and you can let your brain go where it wants to. From the very beginning, music was more transportive for me than anything else. In all forms of media, I’m constantly gravitating towards things that allow me to feel something different from my day-to-day life.“—Geotic 


01. Knapsack

02. Swiss Bicycle

03. Harbor Drive

04. Aerostat

05. Town Square

06. Terraformer

07. Gondolier

08. Maglev

Traversa will land on October 19 with “Gondolier” streaming in full via the player below.