Today, the infamous Berlin club Tresor has announced that it plans to celebrate its 25-year anniversary with a monumental compilation, a three-day festival in the German capital, and a touring international showcase that will hit thirteen different cities between April 4 and July 30.

”A quarter-century of Tresor means over 5,000 club nights, about 30,000 different DJ sets and countless awakening experiences for DJs, artists, guests and contributors.’’

Starting as an art gallery with a three month lease back in 1991, Tresor’s space and signature sound has grown into an absolute fixture of the underground techno scene, helping youths reunite and enjoy a new shared experience together after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The atmosphere and spirit of Tresor has helped shape Berlin’s identity over the years and has largely contributed to the fact that Berlin is now seen as the techno capital of the world.

Tresor Records is set to uncover its hefty 25-year compilation in October and the label has also revealed details of new releases that are set to come out beforehand. Tresor’s 2016 schedule will see projects from Borderland (Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald), Terrence Dixon, Objekt, Mike Parker, Mike Huckaby, Dasha Rush, Marcelus, Mønic and Claudia Anderson, amongst many others.

The International Tresor Showcase will land in different locations around Europe, travel up the coast of Australia, and will be making its first official visit to the city of Detroit, a city that shares a remarkably special musical connection with Berlin. You can view the touring schedule below.

Be sure to learn more about Tresor by going to its website here.

Tresor International Showcase Schedule: 

02.4.16 Milano (Dude Club)

15.4.16 Copenhagen (Culture Box)

16.4.16 Rome (Warehouse)

30.4.16 Amsterdam (Radion)

07.5.16 London (Oval Space)

13.5.16 Vitoria (Kubik)

28.5.16 Detroit (Tangent Gallery)

04.6.16 Gijon (Lanna)

17.6.16 Melbourne (tba)

18.6.16 Sydney (tba)

18.6.16 Paris (tba)

09.7.16 Exit Festival (Serbia)

30.7.16 Madrid (Siroco)