Tresor Records will release the new LP of Porter Ricks, titled Anguilla Electrica.

Ever since their initial singles were released in the mid-1990s and became international calling cards for the Chain Reaction label, the Porter Ricks duo of Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig have represented that crucible point in which techno music leaked into new social environments. Their submerged “scuba” sound is now instantly identifiable as one of the “soundmarks” of Berlin club culture. Just as importantly, it is still a palpable aftershock of a pre-millennial genre explosion that saw deep dub, shimmering post-rock, abstract hip-hop, and art-damaged noise all drinking from the same well of inspiration. Together with restless international collaborators such as Kevin Martin, and theoretical think tanks such as the Mille Plateaux label, Mellwig and Köner were key players in a larger decentralized rebellion against musical monoculture.

For proof of Porter Ricks’ enduring legacy, look no further than the fact that “dub techno” is now a stylistic movement that has expanded far beyond the confines of Berlin and the Basic Channel / Chain Reaction label alliance (where Mellwig’s mastering skills also played a starring role).

Anguilla Electrica is the duo’s first full-length release in seventeen full years, but it “radiates with confidence and with a clarity and intensity rarely seen in a world so oversaturated with communications noise,” explains the label.


A / 1. Anguilla Electrica
B1 / 2. Shoal Beat
B2 / 3. Prismatic Error
C / 4. Scuba Rondo
D1 / 5. Port Of Tangency
D2 / 6. Sandy Ground

Anguilla Electrica LP is scheduled for June 9 release, with “Shoal Beat” streamable in full below.