Not that this necessarily comes as a surprise, but veteran UK producer/DJ Marcus Intalex has been particularly busy as of late; he already announced a forthcoming EP for The Nothing Special label earlier this month, and now, he’s unveiled details of another Trevino record for Martyn’s 3024 label. Set to drop via the label on August 26, the 3 and 1 EP will feature a set of four new productions that Martyn himself has been fond of for some time. In a press release, the label boss explained that the lead track from Trevino’s new record “has been a staple in my sets ever since I first heard it,” and described the “Regnie” tune as “possibly one of the best nighttime highway driving tracks.” The tracklist and artwork for 3 and 1 are below.

01 Gone
02 Twelve
03 Regnie
04 Pimlico (Digital Only)