Once affiliated with Visionist’s Lost Codes label, “new grime” up-and-comer Sd Laika (a.k.a. Peter Runge) announced earlier this year that he would be working with Tri Angle to issue his next release, and the details of that forthcoming record have now arrived. That’s Harakari is an 11-track album which will stand as Runge’s first full-length, following his Unknown Vectors EP from 2012, and is said to feel as if “it’s constantly at odds with itself, as meditative and claustrophobic elements clash for some kind of dominance.” Sd Laika will unleash his “brash and provocative” LP on April 28, but before then, its tracklist and artwork can be perused below, where a full stream of lead track “Meshes” can also be found.

1. Peace
2. Great God Pan
3. Gutter Vibrations
4. I Don’t
5. Meshes
6. Remote Heaven
7. You Were Wrong
8. Don’t Know
9. Peaking
10. It’s Ritual
11. Percressing