Tomorrow, Tri Angle will release a new EP from North Carolina-based producer Brandon Juhans (a.k.a. Hanz).

The single—which arrives accompanied by a tense and trippy video created by Taipei-based artist Meuko! Meuko!—follows previously shared tracks “Page” and “King Speed,” both of which caused a stir across the web with their mind-bending sampling techniques and idiosyncratic style. “Plasty” follows in the same tradition with waves of disorienting synths swirling underneath tense samples and inconsistently stabbing breakbeats. The accompanying video perfectly matches the track’s cut-up, paranoid style, inspired by Taiwan and Japan’s use of cassette-type old Video 8 and the ‘animality’ of human beings.

Released tomorrow, Plasty I is the first of two EPs that, according to Tri Angle, “form a kind of mirror shot of each other—you could say one is a frontal shot, while the other a back shot.”

You can pre-order Plasty I here, with the video streaming in full via the player above.