Nina Kraviz‘ Trip label has revealed details of Bjarki‘s latest LP, the second part of a 41-track three-album series that was announced back in May.

Entitled Lefthanded Fuqs, the LP is a collection of “experimental material from the archive,” as reported on RA. Included within is a film score from several years ago that he wrote for his own script.

According to the label, the three LPs are not albums in the “traditional sense”; rather the concept is to “release the contents of his [Bjarki]’s burgeoning hard drives. The music might fit together like an album, but Bjarki doesn’t see it that way.”

The first full-length of the series, Б, came out in June; part three, Æ, is due out in October.


A1 Fimm Atta Atta Fimm Fimm Tveir Tveir
A2 Lefhanded Fuqs
B1 +4531704090 2
B2 2366262lhkjdgh.aif
D1 Ghentleman Render 2
D2 Gory Ryebread
E1 Thumb
E2 Fkakafsnow Tromma 2012
F1 Basketball Smile (Bbbbbb mix)

Lefthanded Fuqs is scheduled for on September 23 release.