A man who has long pushed the boundaries of low-bit music, composer Tristan Perich, is set to release his latest piece of single-circuit music, 1-Bit Symphony. The unusual release will not be available on regular formats, as Perich has programmed and built an actual one-bit electronic circuit that “performs” his five-movement composition live when switched on and is housed in a CD jewel case (see above). The album’s press release expands on the process, saying, “1-Bit Symphony utilizes on and off electrical pulses, synthesized by assembly code and routed from microchip to speaker, to manifest data as sound. The device treats electricity as a sonic medium, making an intimate connection between the materiality of hardware and the abstract logic of software.” Friday, August 20, Roulette will host the microchip maestro for his album’s release party in New York, along with a performance from fellow electronics expert Shawn Greenlee. Watch a video of Perich talking about 1-Bit Symphony before it’s released August 24 via Cantaloupe, below.

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