When we first received word about TropicsMouves EP a month or so ago, it came with a brief note that he would eventually be following up that release with a proper full-length. Now, before the EP even hits the streets, Planet Mu has announced that Tropics’ debut LP will see a release in only a few shorts months on September 20. Entitled Parodia Flare, the full-length will come with the two originals that make up Mouves (the title track and “Celebrate”) nestled amongst ten other warm and tender productions from the young English producer. Furthermore, the album is said to showcase Tropics’ talent as a multi-instrumentalist, finding him “playing drums, guitar, and a range of synths and electronic boxes,” as well as contributing his own voice to the effort. You’ll find the accompanying artwork and tracklist for Parodia Flare below, and, for a taste of what’s to come, peep the rather entertaining video for “Mouves,” which we originally posted earlier in the week.

01 Navajo
02 Mouves
03 Parodia Flare
04 Going Back
05 Wear Out
06 Celebrate
07 Figures
08 Telassar
09 Playgrounds
10 After Visiting
11 Sapphire
12 On the Move