While Southampton-based singer/producer Tropics readies his forthcoming Home & Consonance EP, he’s shared its first single, the lovesick “Don’t You Know.” The artist born Chris Ward says he wrote his latest batch of music to reflect the compatibility of harmony and sadness. “Lyrically, the tracks are about being away from the ones you love, and the confusion of lust and love. It’s emotional and upbeat, but also aims to be sordid in parts,” he explains. Tropics goes on to say how he shifted his focus from composing music fit for daytime parties to songs more appropriate for late night listening: “Parodia Flare, my first album, had nostalgic, summer days in mind, whereas this is something for those summer nights after the sun goes down, when the earth under your feet is still hot.” Before Five Easy Pieces releases the Home & Consonance EP on April 22, the record’s artwork, tracklist, and lead single can be found below.

1. Home & Consonance
2. Courage feat. Gavin Turek
3. Don’t You Know

4. Fleeting Haunt