The adventurous producer and musical troubadour known as Quantic will have his decade-long career given a comprehensive double-disc retrospective next month courtesy of UK imprint Tru Thoughts. Covering the 12 albums Quantic has released under a variety of aliases over the years (including Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic And His Combo Barbaro, Flowering Inferno, The Limp Twins, and simply Quantic), the album will present the now-Colombia-based artist’s diverse musical journey over a whopping 32 tracks, three of which are brand-new productions. The Best of Quantic will hit the streets September 13, but before it drops you’ll find the forthcoming collection’s artwork and full tracklist below, along with a stream of the title track from Quantic’s debut album, The 5th Exotic.

CD 1 Tracklist:
01 Quantic “Time Is the Enemy”
02 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno “Cuidad Del Swing”
03 Spanky Wilson and the Quantic Soul Orchestra “I’m
Thankful (Part1)”
04 Quantic and His Combo Barbaro “The Dreaming Mind (Part1)”
05 Quantic Y Conjunto “Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)”
06 Quantic and His Combo Barbaro “Linda Morena”
07 The Limp Twins “Sunday Driver”
08 Quantic “Absence Heard, Presence Felt”
09 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno “Dog With a Rope”
10 Quantic and His Combo Barbaro “Wandering Star”
11 Kinny “Enough Said” (feat.The Quantic Soul Orchestra)
12 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno “Echate Pa’lla (Version)”
13 The Quantic Soul Orchestra “Who Knows” (feat. Kabir)
14 Quantic and His Combo Barbaro “New Morning (Slow Version)”
15 Quantic “Cumbia Clash”
16 The Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Alice Russell “Left and Right”

CD 2 Tracklist:
01 Quantic and Nickodemus feat. Tempo & The Candela All-Stars “Mi Swing Es Tropic”
02 Quantic “Transatlantic”
03 Quantic “Life In the Rain”
04 The Quantic Soul Orchestra “Pushin’ On” (feat. Alice Russell)
05 Quantic “Don’t Joke With a Hungry Man” (feat. Spanky Wilson)
06 Quantic “Search the Heavens” (feat. Alice Russell)
07 Quantic “Sabor” (feat.Tempo)
08 Quantic “Not So Blue”
09 Quantic “Sol Clap #”
10 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno “Death of the Revolution”
11 The Quantic Soul Orchestra “Hold It Down”
12 Alice Russell “Somebody’s Gonna Love You” (feat. Quantic)
13 Quantic and His Combo Barbaro “Enyere Kumbara”
14 The Limp Twins “Elemental”
15 The Quantic Soul Orchestra “Super 8 (Part1)”
16 Quantic “Perception”