Following a string of 12″s that have help tide over fans since 2009’s In the Read LP dropped, Manchester-based DJ/producer David Wolstencroft (a.k.a. Trus’me) has announced the details of his forthcoming third album, Treat Me Right. Out on February 18 via the artist’s own Prime Numbers label, the eight-track record is said to be a reflection of Wolstencroft’s evolving musical perspectives, which have changed over recent years partially because of his extensive travels to the Orient and beyond (you can read more about those details over on FACT, here). Ahead of Trus’me’s Treat Me Right LP, you can check out its artwork and tracklist below.

1. Hindsight
2. T’es Une Pute
3. I Want You
4. Its Slow
5. Moonlight Kiss
6. Defunct
7. Somebody
8. Long Distance