Trus’me has shared details of his fourth full length, Planet 4, which is scheduled for release at the end of May.

Trus’me is Manchester’s David James Wolstencroft, the house and techno producer responsible for Prime Numbers (a British label that has put out music by Actress, Linkwood and Nick Sinna amongst others). He has shared details of his next album, which will be distributed later this year via said label, following on from 2013’s Treat Me Right.

According to Wolstencroft, the aim he had pursued with Planet 4 was to tell “a story from start to finish,” and to take “the listener on a journey to, hopefully in this case, another dimension.” The concept for the LP was inspired by the day that water was found on Mars, and the label have rightly described the album as nine tracks of “intergalactic techno,” as Wolstencroft shifts further away from the soul-infused house sounds he was originally famed for.

Planet 4 will be released on May 30, and can be pre-ordered at and Clone now.