Photo: Mara Ploscaru

Incienso, the New York label of Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery, will release the debut album of Istanbul-born Nene H, real name Beste Aydin.

Described by Aydin as a “living thing,” Ali was born as a tribute to her late father, and the album explores the personal odyssey she’s been through since his passing. “Representing my heritage and my personal loss in such way in such format would be something that I would be scared of doing couple of years ago,” Aydin says, “but I have also learned to own it during the past year, especially in these times of social movement against racism and discrimination, which is bringing to minorities so much power to be who they are and not try to blend in all the time.”

Like the identity of Aydin herself, the album is a cross-pollination of diverse elements. These compositions rely on organisational structures found in classical music but also those from the Middle East. Across the release, she uses both Turkish and German texts, written after the loss of her father, and in both “Rau” and “Reue” you can can hear whispered vocal improvisations, a traditional element in Turkish and Middle Eastern music threaded through with German language.

Aydin has previously released EPs on Intrepid Skin and, more recently, Possession in France.

The album follows full-lengths from DJ Python and Call Super on Incienso.


01. Letztes Pech
02. Lament
03. We Wait
04. Rau
05. Reue
06. Gebet
07. The Hustle
08. How We Say Goodbye

Ali LP is scheduled for July 16 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Lament” in full below and pre-order here.