In a press release that arrived at the XLR8R office the other day, Turntable Lab extended its invitation to remix Plastic Little to include “deejays, remixers, mash-up artists, breakdancers, art school students, unpaid interns, coffee shop employees, advertising hacks, out-of-work actors, ex-reality show contestants who lost, ex-New Ravers, ex-electroclash fans, and parents.” That should include just about anyone reading this, so listen up.

Maybe you think you’ve got what it takes to remix Plastic Little and their guests, Ghostface Killah, MF Doom, and Spank Rock. Or maybe you want your edit on The Remix of the Remix record coming this Fall, and free stuff from Turntable Lab.

Submissions may be in any genre, but there are some rules. For more info check out the website, and start your trip down the road to fame and wealth today.