France is no stranger to psychedelic music, and the country’s proverbial hypnotic torch has now been passed down to Romain Turzi. A descendent from the spaced-out, post-shoegaze school of Sébatstian Tellier (best known for his work on the Air-owned label Record Makers), Turzi and his quintet often journey through a tunnel of swirling guitar leads and Kraut-rhythms in their music. Citing influences like J. Masicis, Faust, and LSD, it’s obvious these guys are on another plain of rock-consciousness.

A, the band’s US debut, is exempt from the rational realm of record releases. When any tripster purchases a physical copy of the album, they’ll be presented with a download of the Turzi-curated compilation Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music, which features everyone from Tellier to Chicros to Service. It’s no wonder New York-based Kemado Records–whose most recent releases include progressive psych-rock from Danava, Lansing-Dreiden, and Dungen–jumped all over this album.

Stay tuned for a schedule of live performances slated for fall.

A is out June 11, 2007 on Kemado.

A Tracklisting
1. A
2. Alpes
3. Animal Signal
4. Are You Thinking About Jesus?
5. Afghanistan
6. Acid Taste
7. A Notre Pere
8. Aigle
9. Amadeus
10. Attila Blues
11. Authority 17
12. Allah Delon
13. Axis Of Good

Voyage… Tracklisting
1. One Switch to Collision “Smokes”
2. Aqua Nebula Oscillator “Ready to Fly”
3. Sébastian Tellier “Paris”
4. Butch MC Koy “Sin”
5. Service “The Dog”
6. Ulysse “The Countess’s Smiles”
7. Koudlam “I Was Down”
8. Musikasphaera “Beware”
9. Kill for Total Peace “Psychopedestrian”
10. Modadishow “Mantra“
11. Turzi “Aigle (Hi Fli Mix)”
12. Juan Trip “High America”
13. Chicros “New Orleans”
14. Étienne Jaumet “Doudouk”
15. Rob “Improvisation”