Tussle has seen some changes since the release of their acclaimed Kling Klang in 2004. Bassist Andy Cabic departed (amicably, as the story goes), and drummer Alexis filled his spot. A new drummer Warren was brought on board, and after this musical chairs of sorts it seems that the band is in better shape than ever.

Telescope Mind marks a new era for Tussle, being more experimental than their previous release, traversing dance jams, abstract sound creations, and just plain old ambience. A 12″ will be release prior to the album’s street date, with remixes by Hot CHip and Optimo.

Telescope Mind is out October 30, 2006 on Smalltown Supersound


1. Lyre
2. Warning
3. Second Guessing
4. Kindermusik
5. Cloud Melodie
6. Elephants
7. The Story of Meteorites
8. Flicker/33.3
9. Invisible city
10. Trappings
11. Cloud Melodie ii
12. Pow!