Despite some shuffling around of the ranks, S.F.-based four-piece Tussle has maintained a steady schedule of work over the last few years, with tours, collaborations, and their latest album, Cream Cuts, begun way back in November of 2006 and at last finished and ready for release.

Besides serving as a follow-up to 2006’s Telescope Mind, the new album is also a brief history of the band’s activity over the last two years. Bassist Tomonori Yasuda joined the band and contributed parts to the album, and a tour with Hot Chip led to a sudden collaboration with frontman Alexis Taylor, the result of which is the track “Titan.” In a similarly impromptu fashion, Tussle met and worked with Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley for “A Clash of Heads,” which originally appeared on Shrigley’s Worried Noodles compilation.

Sound-wise, Cream Cuts will contain all the minimalist funk and experimental dub present on the band’s previous albums, but also integrate some psychedelic elements. See for yourself on August 26, when it drops via Smalltown Supersound.

01 Saturnism
02 Transparent C
03 Night of the Hunter
04 Third Party
06 Rainbow Claw
07 Personal Effects
08 Titan
09 Meh-the