Paris-based club-loving starlet Uffie will release a new EP of her over-sexed and off-kilter electro tunes this February on Ed Banger/Because. Produced by longtime collaborator Mr. Oizo, the EP, entitled MCs Can Kiss, promises to follow suit with the neo-diva’s past singles “Pop the Glock” and “Ready to Uff” while also offering up new takes on her “soundclash of heavy beats and sharp rhymes.” MCs Can Kiss includes remixes from up-and-comers Zombie Disco Squad and Philly’s Starkey, and serves as a precursor to the spring release of Uffie’s debut album, Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans, which builds on her pop sensibilities in a collaboration with Pharrell Williams and furthers her dancefloor escapades with production from the likes of Feadz and SebastiAn. Sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot from the Uffie camp in this coming year. Check out MCs Can Kiss tracklist and artwork below.

1. MCs Can Kiss (Clean Version)
2. MCs Can Kiss (Starkey Redid)
3. MCs Can Kiss (Zombie Disco Squad Dub Version)
4. MCs Can Kiss (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
5. MCs Can Kiss (Original)