London’s Jesse Hackett (who played keyboard in the Gorillaz live band) and Chicago-based Mariano Chavez have teamed up again as Metal Preyers for Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Metal Preyers LP was made over a six-week period in Kampala, Uganda with London producer Lord Tusk. It takes form as an ambient film soundtrack for Chavez and Hackett’s visual art produced under the Teeth Agency moniker. They recorded it with an ensemble of Ugandan musicians including multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Okello, percussionist Omutaba, and Rian Treanor-collaborator Ocen.

It’s not the first time Hackett has worked with Ugandan musicians: his 2017 album, Ennanga Vision, saw him team with Geoffrey Opiyo Twongweno and Albert Bisaso Ssempeke. However, the vibe this time is more psychedelic in a road-level, grimy, and noisy style thanks to the expanded platte of inputs.

Metal Preyers follows the release of a limited cassette called The Preying Well back in January.


01. Metal Preyers
02. Hard Screw
03. Peppa
04. Gizzards
05. Snake Sacrifice
06. The Caller
07. Musota Kizinga
08. Mutaba-Abba
09. Night Walk
10. Wagani
11. Snake Spit Defender
12. Slither Dripper
13. Double Tongue
14. Skull Head Stompeed
15. Metal Preyers Reprise

Metal Preyers LP is out on March 6, with order here. Meanwhile, you can stream “The Caller” below.