Nihiloxica will release Kaloli, their debut full-length album, in June.

Recorded with Ross Halden at Hohm Studios directly after a concert supporting Aphex Twin, Kaloli captures the vitality of Nihiloxica’s show-stopping live performances and magnifies it with powerful production. The bulk of it was laid down in five days in September 2019.

The album takes its name from the Luganda word for the Marabou stork. Kaloli are carrion birds that can be seen amassing in areas of festering waste around the country, particularly in Kampala, with its heightened levels of urban pollution.

Founded by two UK musicians, Spooky-J and pq, and four members of Kampala’s Nilotika Cultural ensemble, Nihiloxica marries powerful traditional percussion patterns with abstract analog synth lines. Since 2017, the band have honed their sound in residence at Nyege Nyege’s Boutiq Studio in Kampala, and their debut self-titled EP for the Ugandan label was an immediate success. After a year of road-testing material live on stage, the second EP, Biiri, showed the band communicating with each other more freely. The album arrives after three European tours.


01. Supuki
02. Tewali Sukali
03. 190819
04. Guniula
05. Black Kaveera
06. 160819
07. Mukagaafeero
08. Busoga
09. Salongo
10. Bwola

Kaloli LP is out on vinyl and digitally on June 12 via Crammed Discs. Meanwhile, you can stream “Tewali Sukali” in full below.