Umfang (a.k.a Emma Olsen) has shared her recent lecture at the 2017 Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Montreal.

Umfang, a top pick as one of our best new acts of 2017, is a producer and DJ hailing from New York City and a founding member of the Discwoman collective, who in recent years have helped refocus conversations of inclusiveness and representation in dance music. Musically, Olsen creates loose, vibed-out techno with an introspective touch that stands in stark contrast to harder, and purposefully challenging, DJ sets. Following a 2015 debut on Vancouver’s 1080p label, Olsen released her first album, Symbolic Use of Light, on Ninja Tune offshoot Technicolour.

In what is a rare in depth interview, Olsen’s lecture retraces her musical journey via early years in Kansas City while discussing the politics of dance music and her distinct approaches to both production and DJing. You can stream it in full via the player above. The topics and time codes are as follows:


4:20 —Early years
18:44 — Beginnings of Discwoman
23:37 — On the importance of listening
30:34 — The growth of Discwoman
38:07 — DJing approach
49:27 —Production approach