Two members of the veteran Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance have come together on a new project, which will be exhibited this Saturday, June 19 at 10 Critics in Detroit. Entitled Something in the Sky, the show is an audio/visual performance dreamt up by Jeff Mills (pictured above) based around the sights, sounds, and emotions surrounding the idea of UFO encounters. A partner of Mills in the UR crew, Mike Banks, caught wind of the upcoming show, and opted to add himself to the bill with a special performance of his own, introducing the four-hour exhibition. From the press release, “Something in the Sky…explores the extraordinary aspects and perspective of unidentified sightings in the Detroit Metro area, the United States, and around the world, and is about the human reaction to such occurrences. It displays our subconscious feelings as they emerge and come out into the light by such encounter.” Far out, huh? Limited presale tickets and more detailed info on the event is available here.