Having released music and performed edits for some of the brightest, first-rate labels in the scene (Get Physical, 2020 Vision, Diynamic, Visionquest) Spanish DJ and producer UNER has decided to move forward by starting his very own imprint, Solar Distance. The Madrid-based label will see it’s first EP, Solar 001, released on November 19. The “four-track intergalactic odyssey” will solely consist of original productions from UNER himself.

The name of the label suggests that a cosmic theme and vibe that will likely guide the labels sound and aesthetic direction as long as its sun burns bright. UNER claims that Solar Distance will “plot journeys between seemingly disparate monolithic techno moons and the twinkling stars of electronica… And help us realise they’re actually closer to each other than you think.” Earlier today, Thump premiered the cut “In Your Space” from the upcoming Solar 001 release, which can be heard below. Be sure to keep an eye out for what Solar Distance has planned next by checking them out on both Facebook and Soundcloud.

Tour Dates:

Nov. 14 – Barbate Beach, Punta Cana

Nov. 15 – Secret Event, Juarez

Nov. 20 – Club Drama, London

Nov. 27 – Kio, Singapore

Nov. 28 – Jenja , Bali

Dec. 3 – Razzmatazz,Barcelona

Dec. 6 – Bfore, Valencia

Dec. 7 – Wan presentation party, Local 29 (Malaga)

Dec. 11 – Bindy, Pau

Dec. 18 to 20 – India tour

Dec. 24 – Cubik, Tenerife

Dec. 25 – 102, Neuss

Dec. 26 – NB , Coimbra

Dec. 28 – Jaeger, Oslo

Dec. 31 – Industria, Porto