Photo | Sophie Wright

Thessa Torsing will release Zoom, her debut album as Upsammy, via Dekmantel in June.

Zoom is described as a “refinement” of Torsing’s sound and an “expansion of its ambition,” and it follows a pair of EPs on Die Orakel. Across 11 tracks, the Dutch artists invites listeners to look a little closer at their surroundings and replenish their stock of wonder by sharpening their focus and throwing them off guard.

“People can be consumed by really big or ‘fantastical’ things in life, but don’t see the small things that have great emotional, artistic, or even spiritual value,” Torsing says. “I’ve always had a lot of curiosity for my surroundings, trying to grasp, understand, and be amazed by what is around me.”

Since 2017, Torsing has developed her own style by meshing airy tones, tender melodies, and technical drum patterns which wrap around the body of the song. She’s also a resident of De School, and has put out music on Whities and Nous’klaer Audio, where she released a mini-album last year.


A1. Melt In My Heated Hands
A2. Growing Out Of The Plastic Box
A3. It Drips
B1. Subsoil
B2. In A Shade
B3. Echo Boomed
C1. Send-Zen
C2. Overflowering
D1. Extra Warm
D2. Twisted Like A Flame
D3. Reality Paces The Platform

Zoom LP ​is scheduled to release on June 8 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can pre-order via Bandcamp here and stream clips below.