Urbanears has announced the Plattan 2 headphone, an updated version of the classic model. The aim is to “deliver a next-level experience in sound and ergonomics while staying true to the legacy of a headphone that has sold in the millions.”

The updated design features an improved frequency response and clearer definition, extra isolating ear cushions, and a 3D Hinge for a more customized fit. All the iconic details of the Plattan remain—like the fabric cord, built-in mic/remote, and ZoundPlug for instant music sharing.

“Plattan has been upgraded some 50 times since 2009, yet none of those upgrades were big enough to name it Plattan 2—until now,” said Oscar Axhede, co-founder and creative director of Urbanears. “Plattan 2 embodies everything we’ve learned over the years, while staying true to the classic traits that make Plattan a favorite, and a mainstay in our collection.”

Plattan 2 is now available for purchase online at urbanears.com, and at select retailers worldwide.