Berlin transplant (by way of Los Angeles) Urulu has revealed plans to issue his next outing, the four-track Banshee Boardwalk EP, via Sheffield imprint Shabby Doll. Scheduled to see a full release on November 17, Banshee Boardwalk is said to find the Urulu delivering “solid, pounding takes on classic house” with the EP’s title track and the following “Heaven Unlimited,” while “Beforehandman” dips into more atmospheric dancefloor territory, and comes lined with a touch of R&B flair thanks to vocal collaborator Daj (a.k.a. NYC resident DeShawn Jenkins). Closing out the effort will be James Welsh, who reshapes “Beforehandman” into a more rough and thumping affair for the record’s final cut.

Ahead of Banshee Boardwalk‘s release we have gotten our hands on a full stream of the EP’s title track; a seven-minute jaunt through restless synth lines and deep grooves, Urulu’s “Banshee Boardwalk” production can be heard in its entirety below, where the complete tracklist for his upcoming EP has also been included.

A1. Banshee Boardwalk
A2. Heaven Unlimited
B1. Beforehandman (feat. Daj)
B2. Beforehandman (James Welsh Remix)