Berlin’s Vaagner label will reissue a rare two-track tape from Acronym w. Korridor in November, titled Untitled. 

Acronym and Korridor have made names for themselves via meticulously molded ambient techno releases with emotional sound design. The latter, real name Fabian Kempe, released his debut album via Northern Electronics earlier the year; the former co-founded the label and has appeared on it several times.  

Some time ago, the pair teamed up on an untitled tape, self-released and limited to just 20 copies. Those who have stumbled across tape rips have noticed the tape’s explorative nature: the entire A-side is conceived of a 15-minute track that swerves through melancholic ambient pads juxtaposed against industrial, drone, and noise elements. The B-side features a moving ambient techno piece more reminiscent of some of the duo’s solo work, before slowly fading into a brooding ambient soundscape. 

Vaagner aims to track down rare and illusive cassette releases and work with the artists behind the music to have it remastered and released on vinyl, making the music available to a new audience that may not normally have come into contact with the cassette release. The reissues feature full cover artwork, a printed insert, and a download code—which often marks the first proper digital edition for the release. The label launched earlier this year with a double-vinyl version of an OAKE live recording, Live In Marseille, and returned with some material from UK producer Zen Zsigo (a.k.a Cremation Lily). 

For this particular reissue, the label worked closely with Acronym and Korridor, who decided to edit the B-side of the release, omitting a portion of the final track and replacing it via the inclusion of an unreleased track that the duo conceived during the same time period. 

The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies. 


A1. Untitled

B1. Untitled

B2. Sscending

Untitled EP will arrive towards the end of November/early December.