The fourth Vaagner vinyl reissue comes from Ekin Fil.

Heavy was produced by the Istanbul-based artist five years ago as a means of rehabilitation during a depressing time. It was originally posted to her Soundcloud, but only gained traction three years later when, as user18081971, Richard D. James (a.k.a Aphex Twin) reposted “Still Numbers” as part of his now famed Soundcloud dump, at which point it caught the attention of Vaagner. 

In 2016, the album was released on tape via Lee Nobles’ No Kings label, but it has now been remastered by Rashad Becker for issue on vinyl for the first time. 

Since Heavy’s original release, Fil has produced four albums for the Helen Scarsdale Agency and worked on multiple film scores. This year, she’s released an LP on the Stockholm’s Possible Motive, as well as You, Only for Vaagner co-label Vaknar. 

Vaagner aims to track down rare cassette releases and works with the artists behind the music to have it remastered and released on vinyl. Heavy follows a string of reissues coming from artists such as OAKE, Cremation Lily, and Acronym and Korridor

Heavy is scheduled for August 2 release, with “Aeter” streaming in full below.  


A1. Aeter

A2. Still Numbers 

A3. Over You

A4. Gogo

B1. Ekin Fil – Let Me In

B2. Heavy 

B3. Stranger