Daniele Mana (a.k.a. Vaghe Stelle) has revealed details of his next EP, which will land on Nicolas Jaar‘s Other People imprint later in May.

Italian producer Mana has been actively releasing music since around 2009, via the likes of Margot Records, Danse Noir and Astro:Dynamics (as well as getting involved in Kode9‘s A Great Symphony For Torino), with a sound that tends to be shaped by processed samples and the Poly-800 and Juno 106 synths. His next release is his debut on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People, a four-tracker that promises more of the same.

The Full Stream Ahead: The Prologue is due out May 27. With the announcement, Mana has also made one of it’s cuts available to stream—”Unofficial Megastructures.”