Turin’s Vaghe Stelle (a.k.a Daniele Mana) will debut on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint this summer with a seven-track mini-LP. Mana is an affiliate of the Gang of Ducks collective and currently serves as one-third of production unit One Circle with Lorenzo Senni and A:RA. On his upcoming Abstract Speed + Sound LP (which takes its name from Giacomo Balla’s early-1900s work), his melding of Italian film samples and synthwork is said to connect digital networks with the Italian Futurist Movement. “Just as Italian Futurists obsessed over the innovations of the automobile industry, Daniele is fixated on the digital networks that connect the art and culture of the modern age,” a press release states.

Abstract Speed + Sound is out on July 6, and until then, lead single “Multiple Concentric Hexagons” can be streamed below.