Baby Blue will release her debut album, Death of Euphoria, on June 7 via Ascetic House

Baby Blue is a Vancouver-based trans DJ-producer best known for her euphoric trance-edits and a remix of Madonna’s “Music.” Her music aims to bridge the worlds of underground and overground to create “an honest electronic pop experience, non-existent in the mainstream today,” the label explains.

Death of Euphoria is said to take the listener on the esoteric journey of a young woman at war with the world and herself. The announcement follows the release of lead single “Visage Of Truth,” for which you can stream the video below. The video depicts the sexual and psychological abuse and torture that trans women face at the hands of men. 

“Everyone loves to talk about activism, the change of trans-representation in our world today. Well here I am, a trans-woman working in this male dominated music industry The album is about death and I wrote a eulogy to myself. This was my goodbye before the beginning of my journey as a trans-female. I hope that we stay conscious and awake to realize the importance of revolution, Aquarian unity, and visibility in 2019.” — Baby Blue


01. Intro

02. DOG

03. Visage of Truth

04. Human

05. Tear Soaked Stone

06. Collapsed

07. I Hold U

08. How Far Will These Stone Feet Carry Me?

Death of Euphoria LP lands June 7 via Ascetic House. 

Cover art: JS Aurelius