Nick Hadfield for Emulsion Magazine

Varg will become Varg2™ with Fuck Varg, a new EP out December 12 via Northern Electronics.

Varg, real name Jonas Rönnberg, launches the new alias after a metal band issued a cease and desist letter regarding his older one.

The release sees the Swedish artist at his most chaotic and ornate, streamlining a plethora of techniques and motifs into his inimitable and fearless style. “It’s an EP of restlessness, ruins, and ecstatic keyboard mashing because there’s not an emoji that’s demonic enough,” the label explains. It comes with a VTSS remix and a narrative text documenting the death of Varg with London-based magazine Emulsion, an annual publication celebrating multidisciplinary art in practice.

Fuck Varg follows Varg’s Sky City EPs, and two albums by E-Saggila and Anthony Linell on Northern Electronics earlier this year.

Also on December 12, Northern Electronics will put out a collaboration between Varg2™ and Ano Ton in the form of a 60-minute cassette release, plus a new EP by Northern Electronics head Anthony Linell, titled Core Field Horizon. You can hear “Crystal Storms here.


A1 / 1. I’ve Spent €3000 On a New Laptop, And This is What it Sounds Like?
A2 / 2. Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter)
B1 / 3. This Room Has Many Faces, Many Gods and Many Faces (Dressed in Nothing But Cum and Bedazzled Angel Wings)
B2 / 4. Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) ft. G19
Digital only: Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) ft. G19 (VTSS Remix)

Fuck Varg EP is out December 12, with “Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter)” streaming in full below.