Varg2TM (left) and Croatian Amor (right)

Swedish producer Varg2TM and Denmark’s Croatian Amor will release their fourth collaboration, Body of Content, next month.

Body of Content was made almost entirely over e-mail exchange. A product of a year of lockdowns, it can be thought of as a “coping mechanism given form,” we’re told, and it serves as “proof that meaningful creative collaborations will persist in times of global crisis.”

The release brings together a long list of accomplices, including Brazilian producer LYZZA, Shanghai’s Charity SsB, Finland’s Exploited Body, and Swedish pianist Matti Bye.

Varg2TM and Croatian Amor’s collaboration began with 2018’s Body Of Water EP, which they followed with Body of Carbon and Body of Lila, released in May last year. This latest album comes out on Posh Isolation, based in Denmark.


01. Tears Take Forever (ft. NikkiH2OP)
02. Honey (ft. Vallmo)
03. 冰冷 (ft. Charity SsB & Exploited Body)
04. No Stars Above Before Like A Million (ft. NikkiH2OP & Matti Bye)
05. Olimpia (ft. Olimpia & Alberto)
06. Rats
07. Numbers Stumbling : Falling wont kill a bird (ft. NikkiH2OP)
08. For Us (ft. Jeuru & CTM)
09. Fluffy (ft. LYZZA)

Body Of Content LP is scheduled for April 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “No Stars Above Before Like A Million” feat. NikkiH2OP & Matti Bye in full below, and pre-order here.