Electro producer Samuel van Dijk will mark a decade since his debut release with a third artist album, Inside, under his VC­118A alias. It also marks his first original work on Delsin having released on Frustrated Funk, Radio Matrix, and Tabernacle before now.

We’re told that the album dives deep into the sonic narrative of VC­118A and mixes up his unique sounds with evocative musical imagery as well as obscure computer game samples, field recordings, and a wealth of hardware tools. It was written in a transitional period between an underground bunker in Tampere and Helsinki in Finland, inspired by virtual reality and imagined water worlds.

VC­118A is also known as Mohlao and Multicast Dynamics.

The album follows last year’s BNJMN LP on the Dutch label.  


A1. Tide 

A2. PCB 

A3. Metric Spaces 

B1. Dither 

B2. FM 

B3. Time Variant 

C1. Hiss 

C2. Glow 

C3. Cloak 

D1. Channel 

D2. Integrated Circuits 

D3. Inside 

D4. No More Words 

Inside LP arrives on February 25 with a teaser and clips below.